about us

Dr. Edwin Alberts


For Edwin the idea of being a dentist resonated from a young age. In time his curiosity evolved into a passion after seeing his orthodontist at work. “I was moved and captivated when I saw what can be done in the field of dentistry and by enhancing a person’s smile can change their life”. A love for cosmetic dentistry was born.

He obtained his Bachelor of Dentistry from the Medical University of South-Africa and through his absolute love for enhancing smiles he obtained his diploma in Interceptive Orthodontics. Attending various courses in CAD/CAM dentistry and facial aesthetics sharpened his skills and added to his pursuit of creating beautiful smiles.

He enjoys spending time outdoors and even more when it is playing golf. His other passion is his family and he love spending time watching his little girl grow up.

His dedication and eye for perfection drives him to always deliver his best; this in his pursuit to becoming a household name. There is always a reason to smile, find it with us.

Almerie Kirsten

Dental Assistant

Almerie has been working as a dental assistant since 2004 at various private practises. She is originally from a small town called Pomfret, before her family moved to Gauteng in the early 1990’s. She is an empathetic person with a great love for people and especially children, supporting various charities. She loves to read and has a special fondness for poetry and creative writing. She also continuously partake in part-time Marketing courses and spend her free time on art classes as well as painting or just generally being creative. A passion toward dentistry and commitment toward client service is evident in her work ethic




Samantha Gomez

Oral Hygienist

Samantha is originally from the Freestate. After matriculating at Oranje School for Girls in Bloemfontein, she went on to working abroad, as a health- and beauty therapist. During this time, she discovered a great love for treating people, her caring personality and empathetical nature lead her to pursue a career in Dentistry. Upon returning home she moved to Pretoria to study towards a Bachelors in Oral Hygiene, at the University of Pretoria. During Samantha’s final year she was awarded first prize for an oral presentation. Her focus was evaluating the impact mothers with a high dental IQ, had on themselves and their families, she obtained her Degree in 2016, along with her ‘’MA’ degree when she became a mother to a beautiful baby boy, which ignited her passion for care and comfort even further. Samantha’s main objective is to create an environment for her patients where they can feel comfortable, cared for and motivated to ensure they obtain & maintain excellent oral health.




Dental Assistant

Originally from eNxarhuni, a quaint village in the Eastern Cape, Anathi later moved to Gauteng in the early 2000s, where she discovered her passion for dentistry. After initially pursuing a career in photojournalism, she realized that her true calling was helping people to achieve beautiful smiles. Anathi's primary objective is to create a comfortable environment where patients feel cared for. She takes great pride in helping her patients leave with bigger and more beautiful smiles. Anathi is dedicated to providing the best oral care possible, and her patients appreciate her commitment to their well-being.  This is what continues to fuel her ongoing passion for dentistry





Dental Assistant

Kayla is originally from a small platinum town called Mooinooi. After matriculating, she obtained her Level 4 aviation medicine certificate. That is where the love for the medical industry struck. She started working at a Dental Practice in her hometown and shortly after Kayla was introduced to all aspects of a Dental Practice. She has been in the Dental Industry since 2014. Kayla absolutely loves working with people and has a strong commitment for patient care. She strives to encourage oral hygiene from a young age. Kayla is renowned for going the extra mile for patients. Her Motto in life is: “kindness speaks a thousand words”. Be the change you want to see. One smile at a time.





Oral Hygienist

Meet Boitumelo, a dedicated oral hygienist who has honed her skills at the University of the Witwatersrand. With a harmonious blend of precision and care, she not only polishes smiles but lends her voice to the WITS Choir as head of voice, assisting with creating melodies as beautiful as the smiles she helps maintain. Boitumelo's unique mix of dental expertise and musical talents reflects her multifaceted approach to life, making her a compassionate caregiver and a harmonious presence in both dental care and the world of music.